Spring 2011 Round


Projects selected in the Spring of 2011:




L’Affaire Dumont

  • Distribution : Alliance Vivafilm inc.
  • Production : L’Affaire Dumont inc. (Go Film L.P.R.S. inc.)
  • Producer(s) : Nicole Robert
  • Director : Podz (Daniel Grou)
  • Scriptwriter : Danielle Dansereau
  • Web Site or Web Page : https://www.facebook.com/LaffaireDumont


Michel Dumont is charged, tried and convicted of sexual assault, all the while protesting his innocence. A 10-year-long David and Goliath saga set in modern times that raises basic questions about guilt and innocence.

Pee-Wee 3D

  • Distribution : Les Films Christal s.e.c.
  • Production : Productions Pee Wee Inc. (Christal Films Productions inc.)
  • Producer(s) : Christian Larouche, Robert Ménard, Valérie Bissonnette
  • Director : Éric Tessier
  • Scriptwriters : Martin Bouchard, Emmanuel Joly and Jean-Sébastien Poirier
  • Web Site or Web Page : http://www.lespeewee3d.com/


A 12-year-old hockey player must overcome multiple obstacles to lead his team in the world pee-wee hockey tournament in Québec City.


  • Distribution : Filmoption International inc.
  • Production : Les Films Camera Oscura inc.
  • Producer(s) : Christine Falco
  • Director : Yan Lanouette Turgeon
  • Scriptwriters : André Gulluni, Yan Lanouette Turgeon
  • Web Site or Web Page : http://rochepapierciseaux.ca/


A young Aboriginal man and a depressed crime kingpin become friends; a ruined Italian man risks everything to save his wife; a banned doctor flees the Chinese triads. Because of a mad Mafia boss, their paths intersect.


  • Distribution : Les Films Christal s.e.c.
  • Production : micro_scope inc.
  • Producer(s) : Kim Mc Craw et Luc Déry
  • Director and Scriptwriter : Anaïs Barbeau Lavalette
  • Web Site or Web Page : http://www.inchallah-lefilm.com/


Chloé, a young Québec obstetrician, works in a Palestinian refugee camp. She experiences the checkpoints and the separation wall; she sees war and those who wage it.

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