Board of Directors

The Board of directors is comprised of six (6) members from the communications industry. The number of board members who are from the broadcasting distribution undertaking, Videotron, is limited to a maximum of one third of the total number of directors. The Board of directors will make all decisions regarding the Quebecor Fund, including its general policy orientations, and in so doing will specifically take into account the guidelines specified on its website. The Board of directors bears sole and exclusive responsibility for its decisions regarding financing. The Quebecor Fund’s day-to-day business activities will be managed by one of the directors specifically designated by the Board.


Here are the members:



Serge ThibaudeauPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Serge Thibaudeau is President and CEO of the Quebecor Fund, an organization he founded in 2000. He is presently also the President of MTI Groupe conseil Inc, his own company, and of the Auberge du Savoir. In addition, Serge Thibaudeau had been on the Board of Directors of the Centre d’Études sur les médias since 1995 until 2014. He has worked in several functions for the government of Quebec in the past, notably as Director General for the Ministère des Communications, Secretary General for the Commission d’étude sur le cinéma et l’audiovisuel, cabinet chief and political attaché for the Ministère des Communications and the Ministère des Affaires culturelles, head of computerization for Cégeps, and head of the computer pedagogy laboratory for the Ministère de l’Éducation. Mr. Thibaudeau holds Master’s degrees in public administration and education.



Franklin Delaney – Chairman of the Board

Originally from the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Mr. Franklin Delaney completed his Bachelor’s degree at Bathurst College in New Brunswick and graduated in law from the University of Ottawa in 1967. He was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1968. Upon completing university, he began working at the CRTC. He went on to become its Secretary and left the organization in 1971 to buy and manage a radio station company in Quebec until 1982. He also participated in various communications projects. From 1982 to 1990, Mr. Delaney worked at Société Radio-Canada as advisor to the president, then became executive vice president of the Société, and vice president of French television. He was the founding president of TV5 in 1988. Since 1990, Mr. Franklin Delaney was a consultant for several companies, organizations and governments in the fields of radio, cable television, telecommunications, and television and film production. From 1998 to 1999, he presided over TQS Inc. Throughout his career, Mr. Delaney participated in numerous communications studies and reports; he was particularly active in the promotion of French-language audiovisual material. He sat on the boards of several organizations in the communications, arts and philanthropy sectors. France awarded him with the title of Officier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, one of the highest distinctions of the French Republic, for his work in the communications field. 




François Champagne – Secretary-Treasurer


As president and main shareholder of Productions SDA, François Champagne has worked in our industry for nearly 30 years. He has been administrator, producer and executive producer on several documentaries, training documents, youth programs and drama programs, and has won several Gemini awards. He sat on the Board of Directors of the APFTQ for many years as vice president, as well as industry representative for the Board of Directors of the Montréal Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Champagne has sat on the Board of Directors of the Quebecor Fund as Secretary-Treasurer since it was founded in 2000.



J. Serge Sasseville – Administrator – Videotron LTD Representative 

J.Serge Sassevilleis Senior Vice President, Corporate and Institutional Affairs of Quebecor Media Inc.  As such, he assumes responsibility for Quebecor Media's Corporate Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Institutional Affairs/Government Relations and Industry Relations Departments. He is a member of the Management Committee of Quebecor Media. J.SergeSasseville has been with the Quebecor group of companies since 1987 where he has held previously various positions either as legal counsel or manager, including Director of Legal services of Quebecor Inc. and Corporate Secretary of Quebecor Communications Inc., Vice President, Legal Affairs, Corporate Secretary and Assistant to the President of Archambault Group Inc., founder and General Manager of the e-commerce Web site,Vice-President, Legal Affairs and Secretary of Vidéotron ltée and Canoe Inc.,President, Music Sector, of Archambault Group Inc. and Vice President, Corporate and Institutional Affairs of Quebecor Media Inc. J.Serge Sasseville is a member of the Funders Group of the Canada Media Fund. He is also a member of the Executive Committee and he is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association), Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of CPAC (Cable Public Affairs Channel), a member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of the Quebec Employers Council, a member of the Advisory Board of the Institut du Québec (a partnership between HEC Montréal and The Conference Board of Canada), of the Library and Archives Canada Steering Advisory Committee and of the Boards of Directors of the Quebecor Fund, of the Banff World Media Festival, of the National Arts Centre Foundation and of the Lafontaine-Cormier Foundation. He is Chairman of the Board of Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà.  He has been for 10 years a member of the Commission du disque et du spectacle de variétés of SODEC and a member of the Board of Directors of Musicaction. He was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1981. Before joining Quebecor, he has practised law as a litigator at the law firm Stein, Monast, in Quebec City, from 1981 to 1987.


Jean B. Péladeau – Administrator – Videotron LTD Representative

Jean B. Péladeau has been active within Quebecor since 2014, where he developed an expertise in the telecommunications sector.  Jean currently acts as senior advisor, customer data management, strategy & customer data at Videotron.  Above his Videotron responsibilities, Jean B. Péladeau is part of numerous corporate committees of Quebecor.  He was previously a senior analyst, regulatory affairs, telecommunication at Quebecor. Jean B. Péladeau holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, Media industries and institutions from Carleton University.  Involved in his community, he is also a board member of the Fondation Jean Neveu and the Pavillon Pierre-Peladeau, organizations that support people with problems of alcoholism and drug consumption.  Jean B. Péladeau is the last child of Pierre Péladeau, founder of Quebecor. 






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