Financial contribution and recovery terms – MPAP

The maximum contribution from Quebecor Fund for each eligible project is $300,000, subject to the following elements and specific to each component.

Convergent Production Component:

  • The Quebecor Fund’s contribution to eligible projects consists in financial assistance, refundable or not, and is a supplement to Internet broadcasting rights and the rights paid by a PU in order to broadcast the production;


  • The rights paid by a PU for the broadcasting of a given production mustbe equivalent to at least 15% of the project’s total budget, including the budget for the television component and the multiplatform component using platforms such as VOD and/or mobile terminals, with high-speed Internet mandatory (hereafter collectively referred to as the “combined budget”);


  • The Quebecor Fund’s contribution will not exceed 35% of the combined budget;


  • Recovery terms, where required, will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

Developing Television Formats and Concepts Component:

  • The Quebecor Fund’s contribution will not exceed 75% of the direct costs for adapting or developing the television format/concept. Direct costs are expenses related to the content and/or the production of a pilot;


  • Producers fees are excluded from expenses;


  • The Quebecor Fund’s contribution is refundable up to 100% on the first day of filming or on the format’s sale date, as appropriate. Recovery terms are specific to each project.
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