Specific criteria for eligibility - MPAP

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • The applicant’s main activity must be the production of audiovisualprogramming. Quebecor Fund will give priority to producers with significant experience in their sector of activities;


  • The applicant mustdemonstrate good financial standing and relevant experience to produce the project outlined in the application;


  • The applicant must file a project whose first broadcasting date is subsequent to the deadline for filing the request;


  • The production of quality content programs for television distributed by a Canadian PU recognized by the CRTC.


Convergent Production Component:


Projects must include the following main components:

  • The production of a multiplatform component using platforms such as VOD and/or mobile terminals and, mandatorily, high-speed Internet;


  • The project must provide the public with long-term quality content, information and continued interest;


  • The Fund promotes projects that have also obtained one or more licences for several distribution platforms;


  • Programs created with the help of Quebecor Fund, irrespective of its distribution platform, must be subtitled in compliance with quality standards stated in CRTC’s Broadcasting Regulatory Policy and provide described video when 5 minutes or longer. Programming categories which must provide described video are the following: 2b) Long-form documentaries, 7 Drama and Comedy, 9 Variety, 11a) General entertainment and human interest 11b) Reality television and/or comprising shows aimed at preschool-age children (0-5 years old) or children (6-12 years old);


  • The Fund will demand that all accepted projects be set up with a traffic measuring tool by the producer. He or she will therefore have to create a success-measuring tool for its production to provide, for instance, statistics pour every one of its broadcasting windows;


  • The Internet site, an integral part of the production, must remain accessible for a minimum of three (3) years from the first broadcast of the first television program. The producer is at all times responsible for the quality and smooth operation of the site.

Developing Television Formats and Concepts Component:

  • The project must be in its development phase and must have received financial commitment for development from a recognized Canadian French-language broadcaster;


  • Special attention will be paid to projects showing a commercial potential outside Quebec. 
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