Specific criteria for eligibility - EFPAP

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • The applicant’s main activities must include event and/or film production. The Quebecor Fund will give priority to producers with significant experience in their respective sector of activities;
  • The applicant will have to demonstrate good financial standings and relevant experience to produce the project outlined in the application;
  • In the case of a request for financial assistance for a film production, both the producer and the distributer must submit the application. The producer must have produced a minimum of two (2) feature films. The distributor must be recognised by Telefilm Canada.
  • For financing the production of an animated film, the application must be submitted by the producer and the distributer who holds the rights for producing the film outside Quebec and/or the distributor for the Quebec market.


Event production component

  • The project must include the production of a French language Canadian television program featuring an event with a distribution licence issued by a Canadian PU recognised by the CRTC. The distribution licence must represent a minimum of 15% of the project’s total budget;
  • The project must have a paid commitment to:

a) video on demand (VOD) for television broadcast and/or ;
b) pay-per-view television (PPV) ;

  • The applicant must file an application that will only be picked-up after the confirmation of Quebecor Fund’s participation. Moreover, financing must be complete prior to signing the agreement ;
  • The objective of the Quebecor Fund is to support one-time events or events that take place rarely.


Film production component

Production assistance

  • The applicant must :

1.   have completed a minimum of 90% of its financing budget and, preferably, have had the financial participation of SODEC and/or TELEFILM;


2. have completed a minimum of 75% of its shooting and giving a copy of a first film editing ;


  • The project must include the following components:

1. the production of a French language Canadian feature film with an issued distribution licence and a broadcasting licence by a French language Canadian PU recognised by the CRTC;

2. an interactive marketing plan;

3. a production budget of over $1,500,000;

  • The application must:

1. be submitted during the development or pre-production stage and before signing any formal agreements with institutions such as SODEC or TELEFILM Canada;


2. during the production stage at 75% of its shooting or more.


Interactive marketing assistance

Aside from encouraging revenue from ticket sales (box office), the program will promote marketing strategies that support initiatives such as visibility of a feature film after its theatrical release (e.g. for Video on demand promotion) or film promotion in foreign markets (e.g. an independent production "the making of").

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